"The art of Kung Fu lies not in victory or defeat, but in the building of human character." -Jimmy H. Woo



Welcome to ICSU’s online resource center for learning the ancient Chinese martial art of Kung Fu San Soo. Now, you can start learning this amazing self defense system in the privacy of your own home. Here you will find everything you need to progress through the Kung Fu San Soo belt ranking system as outlined by Integrated Combat Systems University.

This is the most complete martial art course you will find on the internet. Our course covers all aspects of Kung Fu San Soo including: history, philosophy, psychology, theory, training, and techniques. You will learn the underlying principles of the system and their combat application. You will receive detailed instruction on how to perform techniques and what combinations are the most effective. You will also have direct access to your instructor via email to answer all of your questions. Never has it been so easy to learn this devastating martial art system.

If you would like more information about our Kung Fu San Soo Home Study Course please contact us via email at sifu@learnkungfusansoo.com

What is Kung Fu San Soo?

Kung Fu San Soo is an ancient Chinese martial art totally dedicated to self preservation; it is not a sport. A highbred system of combat, Kung Fu San Soo is a synthesis of five other Chinese martial art systems. Developed to be a complete martial art system, Kung Fu San Soo utilizes a number of traditional and modern weapons, as well as, a wide range of fighting techniques including punching, kicking, joint-locks, chokes, pressure points, and throws. All of these techniques are designed to exploit the natural weaknesses of the human anatomy with the utmost efficacy and devastation. When applied correctly Kung Fu San Soo techniques allow a person regardless of size, age, or gender to inflect serious injury and/or death upon a larger and more aggressive attacker. As a result many martial arts experts consider Kung Fu San Soo to be one of the most deadly martial arts being taught today.


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